Watch Out For Drunk Drivers Around Thanksgiving

In a few days, Thanksgiving will be upon us. The holiday is known for spending time with friends and family alongside delicious food. However, many untoward things can go wrong on Thanksgiving.

As the nation celebrates the holiday, people will travel home to see friends and family. In many cases, these reunions involve drinking alcohol together, potentially resulting in more drunk drivers on the road than usual. In the unfortunate event that you are injured by a drunk driver this Thanksgiving, you should call a South Carolina personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Thanksgiving Can Be a Wild Holiday

As everyone knows, Thanksgiving can quickly transform from a holiday get-together into a massive adult party. This can be especially true on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving when people often meet at local bars and restaurants to reconnect with old friends. According to governmental research, alcohol-related car collisions tend to spike around the Thanksgiving holiday season.

Unfortunately, many of these accidents leave victims with extremely serious injuries and significant economic and non-economic losses. Below we discuss some of the things you can do to keep yourself safe this Thanksgiving weekend.

Be Aware as Pedestrians

Auto accidents involving pedestrians are typically very serious or fatal. Even at slow speeds, cars can seriously injure a person. In a best-case scenario, a driver that’s sober will at least attempt to slow down if they don’t see a pedestrian.

A drunk driver, unaware of their surroundings and having limited motor skills, can easily hit a pedestrian unintentionally. The results can be deadly. As a pedestrian, make sure you look out for drivers as you’re out and about.

Wear bright-colored clothing if you’re prepared to walk during the night hours, don’t cross the street unless you’re at a crosswalk, and make sure that everyone is walking together.

This is the best way to protect yourself and your family during a night where drunk driving is especially common.

Be Aware as Motorists

Granted, motorists aren’t as unprotected as pedestrians when it comes to collisions. Nonetheless, car accidents are extremely dangerous, even at low speeds. The human body simply isn’t equipped to survive massive amounts of trauma that occurs during a moderate auto collision.

As such, motorists should also be aware of their surroundings when driving. Here are a few ways you can protect yourself, your family, and those around you.

  • Don’t immediately speed off when the traffic light turns green. Drunk drivers frequently run red lights, even in long delays. Be sure that it’s clear before your car starts moving.
  • Practice defensive driving. For example, it’s legal and safe to make a right turn at most red lights. However, the other drivers do hold the right of way, which means you still have to yield. Drunk drivers may hit you despite you believing that there is a reasonable distance between your car and theirs.
  • Don’t assume that other drivers will follow the rules of the road. Around Thanksgiving and other holidays, you should be extra careful around other drivers and be aware that others may not do what you expect them to do.

If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones, you’ll need to drive safely and adhere to the law extra carefully during Thanksgiving.

Be Careful if You’re on a Motorcycle

Motorcyclists, unfortunately, may have to proceed with extra caution more than any other motorist. Drivers who are not drunk may not even see motorcycles on the road.  For this reason, motorcyclists are always encouraged to make themselves visible at all times to avoid a fatal accident.

With drunk drivers on the road, this level of caution cannot be exaggerated. Be absolutely careful on the road if you’re riding your bike. Here are some ways you can protect yourself on Thanksgiving Day.

  • Avoid splitting lanes. Although this is technically legal, you could get dangerously close to another car that may not see you.
  • Stay out of other drivers’ blind spots. Street lanes were originally designed for cars. Cars can fit directly inside of lanes – motorcycles may have a lot of room. Don’t try to drive too much in the blind spot of another driver, especially if you plan to switch lanes soon. They may not see you.
  • Keep a reasonable speed. Many drivers will drive dangerously close to motorcycles. This means if you’re caught in a traffic jam and stop abruptly, they could slam into the back of you.

Motorcyclists have to be especially careful during these times, as motorcycle accidents can lead to long-term and permanent injuries.

What if You Get into an Auto Accident?

In the unfortunate event that you are injured in an auto accident, follow the rules below to make sure you’re legally compliant and put in the position to receive fair compensation for your injuries.

  • Call 911.
  • Give the police your statement if possible.
  • Get the contact information and insurance data from the other driver.
  • Go to the hospital, receive all of their prescribed care, and follow all of their instructions.
  • Report your accident to your insurance company.
  • Call a personal injury attorney to file a claim.

The sooner you file a claim, the sooner you can receive a cash settlement to mitigate your financial responsibilities, such as medical bills.

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