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Why We Have A Christian Emphasis

[su_heading size=”18″]Looking to the Bible for Advice[/su_heading]

People are often surprised when they see our law firm boasting Christian principles because this tends to go against the popular depiction of attorneys. Well, we want to change that stigma. All of our attorneys here at the McCravy Newlon Sturkie and Clardy Law Firm are committed to practicing law with a high regard for their clients and protecting the “little guy.” We believe that falls right in line with what the Bible teaches and, because of that, we look to the Bible for wisdom on how to not only run our law firm but treat our clients.

Over and over again the Bible makes calls for justice. In particular, it calls on us to protect those in need. Isaiah 1 :17 says, “Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed.” That is exactly what we strive to do at the McCravy Newlon Sturkie and Clardy Law Firm. Whether our clients were injured in a car accident or while at work, we will fight for true justice in each and every one of their cases. 

[su_heading size=”18″]Fighting for Justice since 1995[/su_heading]

We have seen time after time where good, hardworking people are injured in very unfortunate accidents and Insurance companies refuse to offer reasonable settlement. So, these good, hardworking people are left without proper medical treatment or have to ruin their credit to receive the treatment they need. That is not justice. People who have suffered while fighting insurance companies have been looking to our law firm for help since 1995 and we have always been ready to defend those who cannot fight for themselves.

Our attorneys have fought to defend the oppressed for over 25 years and they still do today with the same vigor and passion. Even more, that passion will never die out because we believe we are fighting for something bigger than just ourselves. We are fighting for true justice.

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