What to Do After a Workplace Accident

Being involved in a workplace accident can come as quite a shock. Perhaps you did everything right and took all necessary safety precautions. Maybe you’ve worked the same job for decades and never sustained any injuries. Unfortunately, the negligence of others is often the cause of these accidents. In these instances, it’s crucial that you are aware of the appropriate steps to take so that you can protect your interests. An experienced South Carolina workplace accident attorney from McCravy Law also plays a role in protecting your interests and obtaining the maximum compensation you deserve.

Report Your Injuries

After being in a workplace accident, the first step you should take is to report your injuries to your employer. Under South Carolina law, you have 90 days to make the report. However, it’s wise to report it as soon as possible. Doing so can reduce the chances of your employer questioning precisely what happened to you or when. Depending on your employer, you may need to talk to the owner, safety director, or a supervisor to report your injuries. While you may provide a verbal report initially, you will also want to give a written report to document the accident and injuries. It’s best to have someone witness you giving the written report to your employer; that way, they can’t say that you never made a report.

Request Medical Treatment

Make a request to your employer to receive medical treatment immediately. Per South Carolina law, employees who are injured on the job are entitled to medical care. However, the employer can direct the medical care and treatment. They can tell you which doctors or medical facilities to go to, or they can let you select your own. Either way, seek emergency medical care if you are experiencing a life- or limb-threatening. The law provides that your employer should pay for 100 percent of your medical care when you are injured on the job.

If your employer tells you to see the doctor of your choice, try to get that from them in writing or at least in the presence of a witness who can corroborate that you did what your employer told you to do.

Make It Known That Your Injuries Are Work Injuries

When you go to the doctor or elsewhere to seek medical care, ensure that you tell them you are there because you sustained injuries at work. Tell them how you suffered these injuries and document the same on any paperwork you are given. Otherwise, the medical provider may unintentionally bill your health insurance for your care when they should be billing your employer. If asked to provide your health insurance information, refer them to your employer as South Carolina law requires them to foot the bill for your care and treatment.

Be Honest and Thorough With Your Doctor

When the doctor examines you, be sure to tell them all of the medical conditions and symptoms you have from your workplace injury. For example, you may be focused on one injury that hurts the most or is causing you the most problems. This reaction is only natural, but don’t forget any other areas that have pain or other symptoms, no matter how minor. An easy way to take inventory and report pain or other symptoms is to start from your head and go all the way down your body, noting anything abnormal when filling out paperwork or speaking to the doctor.

If any of these minor injuries turn out to be significant injuries but aren’t documented in your initial exams, you could have trouble getting your employer to cover them. Suppose you go home and later experience additional symptoms or pain. In that case, you should call your doctor right away and report what is going on.

Get Information From Your Doctor

Don’t leave your doctor’s appointment without getting some critical information that you will need to share with your employer and their insurance carrier. You will need to:

  • Ask them to put any applicable work restrictions in writing.
  • Get your prescriptions, and be sure to take them as directed.
  • Make copies of your prescriptions to share with your employer.
  • Have them put your treatment plan in writing so that you can get it approved by your employer.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions about your physical activity, medications, work activities, and future treatments.

Contact a Seasoned South Carolina Workplace Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, far too many employers and their insurance companies attempt to skip out on having to pay workers’ compensation claims. After all, the money comes out of their pockets. They use many different tactics to avoid paying out. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to avoid having your workers’ compensation claim denied by hiring a seasoned South Carolina workplace accident attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will be familiar with the games employers and insurance companies play to avoid paying for your injuries and will stand up for your rights. The sooner you have a South Carolina workplace accident lawyer on your side, the better protected you will be.

In some instances, there may be other parties liable for your injuries. For example, maybe a contractor acted negligently, or perhaps an equipment manufacturer produced hazardous machinery. While you can’t file a lawsuit against your employer due to workers’ comp laws, you can file one against liable third parties. It’s best to discuss this possibility with a well-versed attorney.

Call McCravy Law to Meet With a South Carolina Workplace Accident Attorney

If you’re ready to meet with an experienced South Carolina workplace accident lawyer and get the representation you need, look no further than McCravy Law. Our attorneys know what it takes to obtain workers’ compensation claim approvals. They aren’t afraid to stand up to insurance companies or employers to do so.

We help injured employees from six different locations in South Carolina, including Anderson, Greenwood, Greenville, Laurens, Spartanburg, and Saluda. You can reach our intake specialist at (864) 388-9100 or chat with us online. Don’t wait to get the help and representation you need.

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